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Welcome to the Volt Team in Freiburg in Breisgau

About Us

Since 2018, the european Party Volt has been active in Freiburg. We want to shape our collective future and create a Europe that truly promotes democracy, solidarity and climate justice.

We meet regularly to plan events, discuss the politics of the day and meet other people and teams across the continent that work together to build the Europe of tomorrow.

Team FreiburgxHeidelberg


Meet our Team

These amazing people are working here in Freiburg to create a future, made in Europe!

Team Meeting Freiburg

Europeans from Freiburg

Toni Mack

Toni, *2000

City Lead

Cedric Deckenbach

Cedric, *2001

Policy & Campaigns

Felicia Fehlberg

Felicia, *2000

A little bit of everything
Elected member of the students council

Kay Hartmann

Kay, *1990

Events & Tech


Felix, *2005


Julian Wiedermann

Julian, *1995

Elected member of the students council

Anna Polasek

Anna, *1994

Our soon to be Member of the European Parliament

Du bist neu bei Volt? Unser Community-Lead Felix freut sich, dich bei Volt Freiburg begrüßen zu dürfen.

Komm vorbei - Übersicht unserer Veranstaltungen


Our meet&greets are scheduled every first tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. Whenever possible, we meet in person in a bar, café or just outside in the park or at the Dreisam river. When not possible, for instance during major global pandemics, we meet online.
All our upcoming events are listed below and on our Facebook-page:

If you want to join, you can send us a mail, or a direct message on Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp!


Volt Germany and Volt Europe also regularly organize online meet&greets that are open to anyone anywhere. All information on those can be found here.

No Events are scheduled at this time, or we haven't gotten around to posting them yet. You can check back later, or just ask us if we have anything planned via mail or DM.

FAQs about the Meet&Greets


Do I need to bring something


No one has to bring anything or know anything to attend. We simply want to connect with people that see the future of Europe as a common undertaking, preferably over a cold drink of choice.
If you really want to bring something, we've never said no to homemade Cookies, though ;)


What are M&Gs about?

Anything really.

From specifically Volt-related topics to current events or vegan chilli-recipes, our meet&greets are for bringing likeminded people together.

For more work-focussed talk, we meet every non-first-of-the-month Tuesday. There, we'll discuss policy-topics, event organizing and elections planning.

Where do the M&Gs take place?


Whenever possible, we meet in person in a bar, café or just outside in the park or at the Dreisam river. When not possible, for instance during major global pandemics, we meet online.

Check our Events listing above for more Info, or just ask us via Mail or DM. We do write back and we don't bite :D


What can I expect from attending a M&G?

Getting to know Volt and Volters a little.

We'll introduce you to what Volt is, what it does and what we as a city team are doing right now. Most months, we'll have a short "European Report" about what other Volt teams accross the continent have been up to in the last month.

Our team in action


Volt Freiburg in thePress

The times Volt Freiburg appeared in the local papers


Our Press releases


Improving Europe only works with your help. Which is why we're super exited to have you on board. You have lots of options to support us:

  • Participate: Join one of our meetings and get to know us and what we do. Or directly become a member by pressing the button below.
  • Follow us on Social Media: Volt Freiburg is on Facebook and Instagram. You'll find out more about the people, the work and the topics that make us run. (It's mostly in German though)
  • #VoteVolt: We are regularly running in all manner of elections. In Freiburg, we will participate in the European and municipal elections in 2024. All EU-citizens which live in Freiburg will be able to vote for both!
  • With a donation: promoting a message is quite expensive. Consider chipping in to help us promote a just Europe and to help us fight nationalism, discrimination and climate change. And not only that, your donation is also tax-deductible. Hurray!


Simply send us an e-mail at freiburg@voltdeutschland.org or have a look and write us on social media:


Postal adress

Volt Freiburg
c/o Haus des Engagements
Rehlingstr. 9
79100 Freiburg