Dear voters, thanks to you we achieved tremendous success at the local elections 2020 in Düsseldorf - with two seats in the city council we are excited to make your vision true - for a greener and more sustainable European city!

Our website does currently neither reflect our latest achievements nor the amount of work that lies ahead of us.
For this reason this page and most of our homepage are currently under construction. New content is coming soon, thanks for your understanding.

European challenges need European solutions. National parties are reaching their limits, and populist promises are putting our peace at risk. That is why Volt was founded, a movement and party for the whole of Europe. We are the first pan-European party - we make politics for a federal Europe across European borders. In more than 30 countries we encourage citizens on the local, national and European levels to rethink and shape politics.

Kommunalwahl 2020 / Local elections 2020

The problems we are facing in metropolitan areas are similar all over Europe. That's why we talked with Volt Members in other regions and countries to find the best solutions and bring them to Düsseldorf. Here are four best practices we want to bring to Düsseldorf. 

Have you already received a letter from the “Amt für Statisitk und Wahlen”? 
If you are an EU Citizen registered in Düsseldorf and over 16 years old, you have the right to participate in this election. Have you already received your certificate of election?
This is a letter from the city of Düsseldorf calling for the election and the envelope looks like this:

You can apply for vote by mail here: 
Unfortunately the homepage is only available in German. Here is the DIY to apply for vote by mail step by step:

Get to the bottom of the page and press “Weiter”

On the next Page you´ll find the form you have to fill out: 

Of course it's all in german, what it really says: 

On the next page it´ll just ask you

Click on “Submit request” and you will get your documents to vote by mail.