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Take part and shape your future!

Vote Volt into the Munich City Council.

As a European-oriented party we don't just think locally, we look for solutions across borders. This way, Munich benefits from best practices of other European metropolitan cities. At the same time, Munich can become a role model for other European cities.

You can vote for us in Munich, as an EU citizen!

Citizens of the EU are entitled to participate in the local elections in Munich, if:

  • they are at least 18 years old,
  • they have been living in Munich for at least two months (and are registered), and
  • they are not explicitly banned from the right to vote.

How to vote?

Information for EU Citizens

Here you can find translations of our election flyer to various languages. If yours is not there yet: Stay tuned, more will be coming!

Your vote for Volt is a vote for:

Munich as European Metropolitan City

with a full-fledged Europe Department, intensive cooperation with EU institutions, a Welcome Desk for Europeans who come to Munich, a strengthening of the existing city partnerships (i.a. with Edinburgh/Verona/Bordeaux) and creation of new ones, and an annual Europe Day.

Social Housing Policy

that protects Munich's tenants, creates living space pragmatically, re-enables the purchase of living space for the middle class, eases the search for a home and promotes sustainability in construction and living.

Active Environmental and Climate Protection

a reduction in the pollution of the city (i. a. light pollution), as well as a "zero waste policy" in the long term.

Smart Public Transport

less motorised individual transport, improvements for cyclists and pedestrians, shared mobility as a model for the future and a reduction of air traffic.

Just and Efficient Education

through improvements in the learning conditions in schools, enhanced usage of digital technology, a more attractive structure of the Münchner Volkshochschule and sufficient support for disabled people.

Reasonable Digitalisation

of the administration to make better use of the citizen's time (e-government), a noticeable improvement in life quality through linkages (Smart City), further and easier digital citizen participation and a sustainable economic development through digital innovation.

Cultural Growth

with libraries as cultural policy infrastructure, support of cultural organizations and promotion of Munich's values, such as diversity and high culture (Munich's museums as well as its art and theatre landscape).

Spitzenkandidatinnen und -kandidaten vor dem Rathaus

Embracing Diversity

that is why Volt stands for the elections with a gender-balanced list including 35 Munich citizens of different ages and sexual orientations, who come from 8 different EU countries.

And above all, your vote won't be a lost vote!

There is no restrictive clause at the local elections, therefore even 0,7% suffice for a seat in the city council. At last year's European elections we could win 2,2% of the votes from scratch, such a result now would already be enough for two seats.

Volt in other countries

For some general information about Volt, have a look at the sites of Volt Europa and other national Volt chapters: