Volt meets Experts: "Global Warming & Renewable Energies" by Prof. Holler and Prof. Birner

Montag, 02. März - 19:00 Uhr im Lihotzky, wagnisART im Domagkpark, Fritz-Winter-Str. 10

A Speaker Event by Prof. Holler and Prof. Birner about Climate Change and Energy Revolution

The Team of Volt Munich is excited to invite Prof. Holler and Prof. Birner to share their insights about some of the most pressing topics of our generation. As a renowned lecturer Prof. Holler delivers a humorous and capativiating speech about new opportunities for renewable energy while also exploring their limitis - solar and wind energy, hydro power, biomass, geothermal energy, osmosis and waste disposal will all be covered.
Prof. Birner will present the scientific view on climate change and the state of our planet. What's it all about and can we still prevent the worst?


  • Welcoming
  • Short introduction to Volt
  • Presentation by Prof. Holler (25 minutes)
  • PResentation by Prof. Birner (25 minutes)
  • Q&A

About Prof. Christian Holler:
He is a physicist who earned his doctor's degree in Radioastronomy a the University of Cambridge in 2003. During this time he met David MacKay whose work „Sustainable Energy – without the hot air“ sparked Prof. Holler's interest for renewable energy and inspired a series of his lectures.

Furthermore, Prof. Holler has a strong intereset in economics, earned a MBA and successfully founded his own company before returning to astronomy at the University of Oxford. Christian Holler is currently enrolled as a professor at the Munich University of Applied Science.

Download the e-book on which this presentation is based: ohne-heisse-luft.de/

About Prof. Thomas Birner:
He studied Physics and obtained his PhD in Meteorology from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich in 2003. After research stays in England and Canada, he worked for 9 years as a Professor of Atmospheric Science at the Colorado State University in the U.S.. He recently returned to Munich where he now holds a professorship in Theoretical Meteorology at LMU.

More about the location: https://www.domagkpark.de/lihotzky.html

Aufzeichnung der Veranstaltung am 10. Februar

YouTube: "Prof. Dr. Christian Holler - Erneuerbare Energien ohne heisse Luft" | Volt Meets Experts