Pan-European MeetUp Cologne: Citizen Empowerment

Volt strongly believes Europeans should be empowered to take informed political decisions, that they should be able to influence politics beyond elections alone, and exercise their democratic rights within vibrant, resilient and highly deliberative democracies. Our policies are based on best practices regarding the fostering of a pluralistic information and media landscape, tools & technologies for political engagement and empowerment, and ways in which democracies can be made to thrive.

Volt would love to hear your opinion on this challenge, while introducing its policies on Citizen Empowerment. So come and meet us at a location we'll announce soon! If you have any European friends elsewhere who may be interested, we are having a meet-up in 28 locations all over Europe.

October 18, 2018 at 7pm - 10pm
Ubierring 13
Köln 50678
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